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  • Come to Socialism 2014!

    Come to Socialism 2014!

    Socialism 2014, an activist day school organised by the Socialist Party, will be held at the Fitzroy Town Hall in Melbourne on October 4. By Socialist Party reporters The theme of this year’s event is ‘Beating back big business rule’. The first session will be a discussion about the strategy [...]

  • Education cuts can be stopped

    Education cuts can be stopped

    Pressure is mounting on the Abbott government to abandon its controversial higher education reforms. The reforms, which will see university funding slashed by 20%, student fees deregulated from 2016 and real interest applied to student loans, are the most regressive changes to the tertiary sector since the introduction of HECS/HELP [...]

  • Welfare crackdown but not enough jobs to go around

    Welfare crackdown but not enough jobs to go around

    As unemployment hit a 12 year high in August, the Abbott government defended plans to punish those who find themselves jobless because of decisions made by big business. By Kirk Leonard, Socialist Party Senator Eric Abetz announced plans to force those on unemployment benefits to search for 40 jobs a [...]

  • Metadata retention a major breach of privacy

    Metadata retention a major breach of privacy

    The Abbott government has a plan to force telecommunication companies to store the internet and phone logs of customers for up to two years. Law-enforcement and spy agencies would be provided with warrantless access to the information. By Tim Tran, Socialist Party The policy was announced as part of a [...]

  • Behind Clive Palmer’s populism

    Behind Clive Palmer’s populism

    In less than a year the Palmer United Party (PUP) has become a minor force in federal politics, and a thorn in the side of the Abbott Government. Set up by the billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer, the PUP received 5.5% of the vote at last year’s federal election. By [...]