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  • Obituary: Gough Whitlam, 1916-2014

    Obituary: Gough Whitlam, 1916-2014

    Former Labor Prime Minister Edward Gough Whitlam has died. He was 98. Whitlam served as the 21st Prime Minister of Australia from 5 December 1972 until his controversial dismissal by the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, on 11 November 1975. He is often remembered for the progressive reforms that were introduced […]

  • US: Building a political alternative in Seattle

    US: Building a political alternative in Seattle

    “Poll shows Sawant polarising, but with impressive favourable rating” is the title under which a confirmation of the politics of Kshama Sawant and her organisation, Socialist Alternative (co-thinkers of the Socialist Party in the US), was published. The poll, carried out by media research company EMT, reveals that people in […]

  • How capitalism stifles science

    How capitalism stifles science

    We are told that capitalism drives innovation and progress but the truth is production for profit mostly hampers the ability of science and technique to advance. By Toby Dite, Socialist Party All throughout the world people needing medical attention for diseases, curable or otherwise, are often neglected on the basis […]

  • Ireland: Byelection triumph marks turning point

    Ireland: Byelection triumph marks turning point

    Paul Murphy wins parliamentary seat as 100,000 march against water charges! 12 October 2014 will be a day that’s remembered for years to come in Ireland. An estimated 100,000 marched in Dublin against the hated water charges. And on the same day, Paul Murphy, Socialist Party member and Anti Austerity […]

  • Crown’s licence to print money

    Crown’s licence to print money

    James Packer’s Crown Casino was given a whopping free kick by the Victorian Liberal government in September. A new deal with the government extends the license for Crown’s Melbourne casino until 2050, allowing them to expand their gaming floors and add even more machines. By Ben Convey, Socialist Party In […]