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  • Greece: Mighty class-based ‘NO’ shakes bosses’ EU

    Greece: Mighty class-based ‘NO’ shakes bosses’ EU

    Yesterday’s Greek referendum saw the working class gave a powerful reply to the attempts of the Troika/Institutions to blackmail them into accepting more austerity in order to stay within the Eurozone. The referendum on Sunday 5 July produced a tremendous 61.5% in favour of NO (to the demands of the […]

  • Unionism corrupted by Laborism

    Unionism corrupted by Laborism

    Editorial comment from the July 2015 edition of The Socialist In recent weeks a number of dodgy deals have been exposed between employers and the Labor aligned Australian Workers Union (AWU). Labor Party leader Bill Shorten was the national secretary of the AWU before entering parliament in 2007, hence he […]

  • The anti-communist Victorian State ALP Executive at Federal Conference in Hobart, 1955

    60 years since ‘The Split’ in the ALP

    The Australian Labor Party (ALP) suffered its biggest ever split 60 years ago in 1955. The ramifications of this split were huge. It marked a turning point in the party’s history and has left a legacy that still exists today. By Anthony Main, Socialist Party The party had experienced two […]

  • Greece: No surrender to ‘Gang of Lenders’

    Greece: No surrender to ‘Gang of Lenders’

    Plan an anti-austerity fight-back, with socialist policies! Greek society is watching the process of the so-called “negotiations” and is tired, frustrated and angry with the stand taken by the ‘Institutions’ [the IMF/ECB/EU ‘Troika’ by another name]. By Xekinima reporters, Greece However, this tiredness and frustration with the lenders is also […]

  • Oppose the government’s welfare changes

    Oppose the government’s welfare changes

    Amongst the raft of anti-worker counter reforms being proposed by the federal government are sweeping changes to welfare payments for unemployed people. By Meredith Jacka, Socialist Party Job service providers that purportedly assist unemployed people back into the work force through programs like ‘work for the dole’ will have much […]